Key informations


The asynchronous virtual school still available for registration!

This is an online mode of the school:

You will download from private link the videos of the theoretical sessions, the hands-on material with detailed explanations and you will have access to the GPU cloud as if you were on site.

To answer your questions about hands on, a 2h zoom session is planned for each hands-on (from 4pm to 6pm - Paris time):

  •   Classification: April 27,
  •   Segmentation: April 28,
  •   VAE, May 2
  •   Reconstruction: May 3;

Theoretical program

If interested, you may proceed with registration and choose the option 'asynchronous' for 150 euros cost.

This school is intended for medical imaging beginners and experts (students, post-docs, research professionals, and professors) who are eager to discover the fundamentals of deep learning and how it translates to medical imaging. We will walk you through the basics of machine learning all the way to the latest deep learning breakthroughs applied to medical imaging. As shown in the planning, the school has both oral presentations (16 hours) and 4 hands-on sessions of 4 hours each. During the hands-on sessions, the participants will be guided through the dos and don'ts of machine learning programs for medical imaging. Please see the program for more details.

Should you be a machine learning / deep learning expert to attend the school? No! That is the point of this school!

Should you be a programming expert to attend the hands-on session? No! Only basic skills in Python programming are required.

We anticipate a maximum of approxiatively 70 participants. Due to space limitation, a selection process were applied to attendees. Don't wait too long before to register!

Important dates

9th of January  2023                                         pre-registration opening,
17th 21th of February  2023                           pre-registration closing
27th of February 2023                                      participants selection ending, poster submission opening
11th of April 2023                                              online registration (only for selected participants) and payment closing
April 17-21 2023                                               spring school


The scientific committee is composed of:

Christian Desrosiers, José Dolz, Nicolas Duchateau, Nicolas Ducros, Carole Frindel, Thomas Grenier, Pierre-Marc Jodoin, Carole Lartizien, Odyssée Merveille, Fabien Millioz, Bruno Montcel, Michaël Sdika

The local organisation committee is composed of:

 Olivier Beuf, Denis Dauvergne, Thomas Grenier, Bruno Montcel, Stéphane Mottin, Jean-Baptiste Mourgues, Béatrice Rayet, Michaël Sdika


MICCAI Certification

This summer school is certified by the MICCAI Society.


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